Computer Tech Support

We’re the bridge between technology and business.
Technology is the foundation of many of today’s vital business functions. It helps you with employee communication and collaboration, it aids your partnerships with other businesses, and it helps you reach out to your customers. But technology evolves and changes quickly, challenging even the most astute business to retain the right computer tech support staff, with the right skill set.

Choose a computer consultant you can depend on.
Get your computer networking support from EGI Systems. We’re only on your team when you need us, so you don’t have to pay a full-time employee salary over the long term. Based in Mountain View, we travel through out the San Francisco Bay Area. We are accomplished at the newest technologies when we walk through the door, so don’t need to “learn on the job” – which minimizes your time to market and maximizes the return on investment in your computer systems.

Confidently utilize your computer network to its full potential.
Today’s information technology systems pack enormous capability into each computer. Make sure you’re getting all you can out of each of your investments. At EGI Systems, we have the training and experience to understand how to apply your computers to support your business. Feel confident to utilize your computer network to gain the competitive advantage.


Computer Tech Support for Small Business